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Scalp Vein Set
Scalp Vein Set Scalp Vein Set
Product name : Scalp Vein Set
Product No. : 2017424172217
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 Disposable scalp vein set(Disposable intravenous needle)
Designed to provide quick venous access and greater patient comfort during long term infusion.
1. Intravenous cannula: Made of Stainless steel AISI 304, Diameter and length according to the ISO standards. Listed in the table. 
2. Cannula Protector: Made of Medical grade PE. 
3. Double wings: Made of medical PVC, injection plastic, soft enough, coloured according to the AS 2485 Standards. 
4. Soft tube: Made of transparent medical grade PVC, soft enough, 30cm, 60cm, 90cm, 100cm in length, outer diameter 2.50mm, inner diameter 1.45mm. 
5. Luer lock connector: Made of transparent, hard PVC. 
6. Luer lock Cover: Made of transparent PVC. With thread. Mechanically 
7. Cannula is assembled with wings together mechanically. 
8. Tube and wings, tube and connector is glued with solvent cyclohexanone. 
Model Number: 18G-27G
Quality system certification: ISO 9001-2000, ISO 13485-2003, CE
1) Butterfly wings for better handing and attachment to skin
2)Luer slip or luer lock set end matches well with different types of infusion sets,blood transfusion set and syringes
3)Tube: Flexible PVC, thickness≥0.4mm, outer diameter≥2.5mm, standard length:300mm
4)Gauge: 18G-26G
5)Protective cap:PE bag
5)Sterilization: EO gas
7)International accepted color-code
Packing: Polybag or blister, 100sets/box,2000sets/ctn

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